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Ever wonder what all your books look like? Or know how many unread books live on your shelves?

In a moment of long weekend madness I pulled all my books of their shelves. Every. Single. One.

So what did it look like? First of all, you can pull some cool f-stop work with your camera.



Secondly: plan, plan, plan. I just piled books up into read and unread piles. This resulted in serious structural integrity issues. Two major collapses. And one dogeared casualty.


Now, I confess, this didn’t include the six boxes of books downstairs in storage. And since I didn’t plan, the comparison of piles isn’t scientific. But I’m calling it for the unread books. Thoughts? Read are on the left (and check out that tilt in the front!) and unread on the right.


So I’ve got some work to do. And that means some book statistics, which are always fun. Let’s call it about eleven feet of unread books. Or, assuming about 1 1/2 inches per book and an average of 250 pages, upwards of 20,000 pages. Which, at my reading speed, probably means over 10,000 minutes or 167 hours or about seven days. Non-stop. One day I’ll skip sleeping, and eating, and take a week vacation, and read every unread book I own.

Until then, those books had to get back onto their shelves. And that lead to another unplanned moment…but more on that another day.