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Apparently we’re already one month into 2016 and it’s already looking pretty bleak. But more on that below.

Books bought: none

Books read: Smoke by Dan Vyleta – The Matthews Men by William Geroux – Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig – The Name Of God Is Mercy by Pope Francis – All Is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker – Smarter Faster Better by Charles Duhigg.


I went into the new year with a bookish hangover – literally several unfinished 2015 books hung over me. And out went all the reading resolutions. Read only three books at once (did you see the photo above? It’s my currently reading pile). Read at home (Ha! Not when you’ve discovered The Fall on Netflix). Read academic books and books I own? (Not when I’m not reading at home). And, no, I haven’t started Gibbon yet.

So I’m going to do what all good resolution failures do. Declare a do-over and say the year really starts in February!

Meanwhile, there were some great reads this month after the doldrums of late 2015. Smoke is a magical realism story reminiscent of Jonathan Strange & Mr NorrellAll Is Not Forgotten is an exciting and worthy successor in the domestic thriller genre told by a trustworthy but something’s-not-quite-right psychiatrist narrator. The book by the Pope – well it’s a book by the Pope. One of a handful of authors who gets to use ‘The’ in his name (like The Dalai Lama or The Queen, though she’s never written a book). And Charles Duhigg’s thoughtful new business book is a rare second go that’s just as good as his first one.

So despite the temporary setbacks on my goals, I still found some great books from across a number of genres. And for that I’m thankful. How’s everyone else’s reading resolutions going? Discover anything great this January?