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Every so often, another report releases that proposes the cost of raising children. Forget these. I can tell you exactly how much it costs.

In books.

Thanks to goodreads stats, I know that I read 101 books in 2012. That dropped to 80 in 2013 after our daughter was born. That’s a 21% decline. Because she was born in late June, almost exactly midway through the year, I should have read 50% of my books on either side. Well, my reading rate slowed (though not dramatically) because I finished only 47% of my books in the second half of the year.

But the shocking statistic is the page count. 34,385 in 2012. 24,476 in 2013. That’s a 29% drop! So I read a lot of thin books.

Where did all the time gained from not reading go?

Sleeping commutes instead of reading commutes.

No more reading in bed. Manically do chores after baby goes to sleep.

Oh, and no more lazy Sunday afternoon reading.

But, we did read The Very Hungry Caterpillar together about fifty times. And that has to count as time well spent.